Soashable - About

Soashable is a family of Open Source projects related to XMPP on the web. The flagship project is a web-based IM client similar to (but not affiliated with) Meebo. An online demo can be found on our main domain at


"Soashable" is the flagship project in the Soashable family. It is the core application that all other members support. It was originally developed as a proof of concept over the course of a weekend, and now serves as a test-bed and driver of technology to support it.


Xmpp4Js was originally derived from the Soashable code base and is now a stand-alone project which can be used by anyone who wants to XMPP-enable a web application.

It is a BOSH client directly comparable to JSJaC, which is another quality Javascript BOSH library worth looking into. One key difference is that Xmpp4Js supports Alternative Script Syntax which allows for cross-domain usage.

Robot Olympics

Robot Olympics is a Spim (IM Spam) fighting plugin for Openfire that is loosely based on XEP-0158 and XEP-0159. It watches for tell-tale signs of abusive activity and subjects clients to an accessible Text Captcha logic puzzle. Future plans include properly implementing the XMPP extensions.

Project Relationship

Project Family. Help, Graphic Designers?

Reusable components are an important part of the vision of Soashable. We beleive in reinventing the wheel as little as possible, and sharing our work as discrete, well documented, well tested, extensible sections that can be recycled by anyone.

Javascript Maven Tools

While not a direct piece of Soashable itself, Javascript Maven Tools is the build tool which allows all projects to be built and tested in a consistent, reiable, automated fashion and cleanly depend upon eachother. This tool was created based on several ideas from Soashable's original, custom build system, jslibbuilder.

It can be used by any Javascript or Web project and is the recommended method of using projects that come out of the Soashable family.