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The Soashable application is a test-bed and driver of new technology related to XMPP and Maven. It is meant to serve as a base for anyone who wants to build their own IM application, but the real interest of people seems, still, to be the online demo.

Soashable is build using Xmpp4Js and ExtJS. It communicates to our server on and is built using Maven. For information about how to get started with development, click the Getting Started link.

About Soashable Web Application

Soashable is a completely Open Source (GPL) instant messaging client, built on the Xmpp4Js (LGPL) XMPP library for Javascript. It communicates with an XMPP server using XEP-0124/XEP-0206 HTTP Binding, and provides end-user functionality comparable to Meebo (but is in no way affiliated with Meebo).

About Soashable

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