Soashable Web Application - Getting Started with Soashable Development

The easiest way to get Soashable running across a large variety of setups was to use Apache Maven, a build tool originally designed for Java. It allows painless dependency management; automated test runs; and the ability to run a web project within an embedded web server, or to deploy it to a Java application server easily.

Minimum Requirements

Requires JDK 1.5.x, Maven 2.0.x, and Mozilla Firefox 2.0.x.


If the tests fail you may try including this parameter for mvn "-Dmaven.test.skip=true", and yell at me.

2. Checkout and install Javascript Maven Tools plugin

3. Checkout and install Maven Openfire Plugin

4. Checkout and install some JS dependencies

5. Checkout and install xmpp4js

6. Checkout and run Soashable

  • cd to directory and run 'mvn install'
  • cd to soashable-web and run 'mvn jetty:run-war'
    • run 'mvn jetty compile jetty:run-war' to have changes reflected
  • Browse to http://localhost:8080/

Project Layout

The project follows the Maven standard layout, and the maven-javascript-tools webapp layout. Please read that documentation for the basics.

  +- src/main/javascript/
  |  |
  |  +- dialogs/ (application dialogs)
  |  |
  |  +- languages/ (one js file for each language)
  |  |
  |  +- packetext/ (packet extensions)
  |  |
  |  +- widgets/ (reusable layout components)
  +- src/main/resources/
     +- (properties for the tokbox application)

About Soashable Web Application

Soashable is a completely Open Source (GPL) instant messaging client, built on the Xmpp4Js (LGPL) XMPP library for Javascript. It communicates with an XMPP server using XEP-0124/XEP-0206 HTTP Binding, and provides end-user functionality comparable to Meebo (but is in no way affiliated with Meebo).

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